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Welcome to the home lands of  the Defenders of Hope.

We are a social roleplaying guild, having made our home on The Sha'tar European Server in the World of Warcraft MMO.

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Sindragosa Falls!!

YaniQT, Jul 27, 10 1:42 PM.

After another epic battle the dragon protector, Sindragosa, finally fell to the brave warriors of the Defenders of Hope. Shortly followed by a quick social with LK himself and the final battle approaches.......

Defenders rip through Ice Crown Citadel....

YaniQT, Jul 25, 10 4:43 AM.
Defenders of Hope once again sent in a dedicated group of hardened warriors to bring about the demise of the Lich King. Having suffered hard at the claws of Sindragosa these warriors had a point to prove and prove it they did. After defeating all who stood in their way at an alarming rate, it was only the Blood Council who managed to halt our heroes... but only momentarily. Setting camp outside the Frostwing Halls the group will face Sindragosa again!!

Welcome Safras to the group. Tremendous healing on you first run with the group....

Sindragosa defends her master...

YaniQT, Jul 10, 10 8:28 AM.
It was a cold cold night in the region of Icecrown and the brave Defenders of Hope once again entered the dreaded halls of the Ice Crown Citadel..

Having bested the minions of the dreaded Lich King, the stalwart group entered Sindragosa's Lair to face the monsterous Dragon herself.

Although they fought brave and true Sindragosa defended her master with a ferocity yet seen by the Defenders in any battle they have faced. Battered they returned to the warmth of the Tavern and over a flagon of Draz the barkeeps mead, discussed tactics for the next inevitable meeting between the Defenders of Hope and Sindragosa. She will not stand in their way!!

Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

YaniQT, Jul 10, 10 3:57 AM.
Defenders of Hope ... these lands need our assistance!! The defences are now set... For the Alliance!!
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